The main business of KNAAK – easy formwork! GmbH & Co. KG is to offer new and used formwork as well as the necessary accessories from all well-known manufacturers.

The most popular items in our product range are ceiling formwork, ceiling supports, wall formwork and formwork girders.

We also offer a variety of support scaffolding systems.


We supply ready-to-install replacement panels from all common manufacturers for your formwork system. Customization and manufacture of the panels is carried out using the most modern CNC processing technology. All you need to do is coat the panel with silicon.

With our wide selection of formwork panels, we can offer you a wide range at different quality levels:

  • Phenolic resin panels
  • Wood-plastic laminate panels
  • Panels made entirely of plastic

You can order the necessary accessories concurrently for installing replacement panels. Some examples:

  • Silicon in tubular bags
  • Screws
  • Blind rivets
  • Plugs
  • Formwork shell fastener protectors


We provide you with professional, inexpensive and complete reconditioning of your formwork. The main elements of our reconditioning process include:

  • Removal of old formwork panels and professional disposal
  • Cleaning of formwork elements (options include 1000 bar high-pressure cleaning)
  • Welding and straightening of the formwork frame to generate functional capacity


We readily provide you with all necessary logistical support. Our carriers guarantee smooth and prompt transport of your order.

Storage and management of your formwork systems in our warehouse is always an option, and you can decide at any time to direct us to deliver your materials to the construction site for direct use there.

We'd be delighted to respond to any questions you may have.